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Training Review

With vast experience in varied industries, SAP provides large pool of functionalities to suit your business requirements. However, it is observed that large part of SAP functionalities remain under-utilized. Large number of ‘Out of Box’ functionalities can help you bring efficiency in operations but remain unused. Strict Time lines and Budgets, Communication Gaps, and lack of complete understanding of business process at times restricts the implementation partner from offering detailed SAP functionalities.

Our SAP Usage Review services aims to evaluate the usage of SAP functionalities and identify bottlenecks in optimum utilization of system.

Our team of highly experience SAP Consultants from different modules engage with the business users to observe and analyze how business processes are performed, in order to identify Redundancy, Manual Efforts, Inefficient Process etc. based on the business usage. Then our consultants identify inbuilt functionalities in SAP which can be harnessed to automate the process and increase operational efficiencies.

Our approach towards SAP Usage Review services is:

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