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BBP, Realization, Golive, Post Golive Review

SAP ERP empowers organizations with a Robust IT backbone in order to support aggressive business growth plans. However statics shows that substantial number of SAP implementation initiatives fail or fall short of meeting business goals. Risks like Over Run on Time and Cost front, Gap in Business Expectation and ERP Designs, Inadequate Testing Strategy, lack of Users Training/ Acceptability, Inadequate Preparation for Golive etc. are some common risks in SAP implementation today.

Our Review and Quality Assurance services are designed to help identify risks on proactive basis and help design mitigation plans inorder to make project successful within given Timeframe and Budget. Based on our varied experience in different industries our consultants bring to table Best Practices, Identify existing and potential Risk, and mitigation plans. We conduct review at different stages of projects. These are:

Vendor Selection Process: Vendor selection plays extremely vital role. Discovering lack of capabilities of selected vendors causes over run of projects against time and budget, which pose nightmares to many CIOs.  We have matured tools and frameworks including ‘List of Criteria’ to judge proper vendor selection which helps reduce the risk of wrong fitment to the minimum level.

Business Blue Printing: This is very critical stage of project where Business requirements are captured and proposed solution designed to meet the business needs. Our tools and frameworks help bridge the gap between Business and IT understandings and expectations. We conduct Workshops, Business Interviews, and Existing Process Analysis etc to understand the requirements and assess the quality of proposed solution, in light of the specific business needs. This also includes analysis of ‘Proposed Developments List’.

Realization: This is where imaginations and expectations meets reality. We conduct detailed Configuration Quality check, Measure Project Progress against Time Lines, Detailed Testing check and Results evaluation, Users Training Programme Effectiveness Evaluation, Users Acceptance Criteria and Effectiveness Evaluation etc. We use detailed list of Questionnaire, Workshops, Interviews, System Access, and other Tools and Frame Works to assess and evaluate progress effectiveness.

Pre Golive Preparedness: In this stage we access the preparedness of project to GO LIVE. We help management with ‘GO or No GO’ decision. We deploy matured Tools and Frame Works including Questionnaire and Check List and assess the situation by ‘Grading Method’ which deploys ‘Weightage and Number Assignment’ Mechanism to help assess the overall health of Go Live Preparedness.

Post Golive SAP Usage: This review helps to access the Users Acceptance of the System. It answer questions like ‘How effectively the system is currently utilized? What are the bottlenecks in the existing System Design? How the system performance and utility be increased. What other functionalities remain unexplored etc. We bring to table our rich experience in varied industries and help to measure System Acceptance/ Usability/ Utilization etc. We used detailed Questionnaire, Frame works, and other Tools to access the Utility and identify Bottlenecks including Areas of improvements.


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