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Our Edge & Quality

Today all organizations are in a rush to create war winning technologies and prove that they are different. In such a rush many mistakes are made. However the outcome is the development of technologies which have shaped the modern world.

Our "edge" stems from the fact that we are  passionate for this business and sunk in never ending pursuit of building quality solutions which helps our clients run efficient and in turn serve there clients better.  With passion comes a tireless effort to achieve our desired result. One by one, we have turned over every stone insight looking for that edge that helps create predictable returns for our clients. Our strength is build on following tenants:

Expertize in Niche Areas: We have developed our skills in Niche offerings like HANA, Cloud, Digitization, Mobility, Advanced Analytics, and Success Factor. This is to complement our in-depth knowledge in core areas like SAP ECC, CRM, and SRM.

Domain Experience: We have developed detailed understanding and knowledge Bank for specialized industries like, Steel, Power, Hospital, Oil & Gas, and Manufacturing. Our consultants are highly qualified (average experience 10+ years) who have worked in different domains and bring expert level insight to challenges and issues specific to your industry. This helps design system which widely address your Core Pain Areas.

Efficient Delivery: Over the course of years our consultants have build strong understanding of underlying Risk and Challenges in project delivery. This has helped us improve our performance to bring efficiency in delivery model and improvise to suit your specific Risk Factors.

Tools and Frame works: We have matured over time with passing of each project and the journey still continues. We have developed specific tools and frame works which helps ensure deep visibility to progress of project and efficient ways of doing traditional work. This helps improve efficiency, reduce risk, save time, and lower cost of ownership.

Multi Cultural: Working with different cultures becomes a major factor for effective communication and smooth delivery of projects. We along with our Partners together have a Global foot print stretching from far East (Australia) to Central Asia (India) to Middle East (UAE and Saudi) to West (Uk and US) . Our consultants have worked in different geographies, within different industries, and with different people of different origins. This helps us bring a multi cultural environment and experience in delivery leading to smooth jellying with different cultures.

Flexibility: Today customers require flexibility and options to choose from. We are flexible in our approach in terms of mode of delivery and Pricing Models. We offer project based as well as annuity based pricing model for client to choose from. We also provide flexibility in terms of delivery to include Onsite, Offshore, Mixed Delivery Model, along with Core-Flexi model of resource deployment. So customers get a flexibility to choose what ever best fits with there agenda and programme.

We are committed to meet customers’ needs and expectations by delivering competitive services and solutions through continous improvement of our systems. Our aim is to be competitive and proactive in providing software solutions to customers by continuously striving to exceed their expectations.

Business needs, Technology changes, and most important Customer feed backs and suggestions are the basic tenants of our Quality assurance programme. We have developed couple of tools and frame works which help us prevent defects, detect and monitor reported defects, and help reduce defects thereby improving efficiency in delivery.

Our Quality Policy is based on following Principles:

We follow ‘Quality Gate Ways’ approach. Each deliverable is passed through our quality gateways to check for consistency, accuracy, reliability, and output expectation. Quality gateway is installed at each milestone of the project to monitor quality. Quality controls are put in place to assist project teams in determining the health of a project at each phase of the SDLC. For example, if you have a high requirements volatility rate in the construction phase of an IT project, then the project manager will need to take the appropriate action to get control over requirements and scope changes.


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