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Internal Controls Review

Every day, during the normal course of our lives, we encounter numerous controls or safeguards. Whether your place of work requires an identification badge or a key fob, a password to log onto your computer or an access code to use a copier, controls are a way of life.

Systems Applications Products (SAP) software integrates your data and systems to improve visibility and productivity. However, more often than organizations fail to implement desired system capabilities and also make costly errors.

Reducing costs has become a particularly important focus for many organizations that want to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of this process. In evaluating their controls during these compliance efforts, many organizations have found that:

Implementing or upgrading an ERP system is an effort that begins with the initial software installation and then extends well beyond it. To realize business value and sustain compliance, the effort calls for integrating the software’s control functionality within the organization’s internal control and compliance program environment.

We can help you achieve your organization’s SAP goals, strengthen the IT environment critical to its success, and improve your efficiency and effectiveness while reducing your compliance costs. We bring extensive experience and a thorough understanding of SAP’s capabilities.

We follow SAP Governance and Risk Compliance Tools and Frame Works (SAP_GRC) to Implement, Evaluate, and enrich your Internal Controls in Financial and Non-Financial Areas. Access Controls (to ensure Segregation of Duties) and Process Control functions of SAP GRC are used to enrich your Internal Controls. In addition we also review usage of inbuilt control features in SAP itself to strengthen your Internal Controls.

We follow a four stage Internal controls implementation framework including:

You will be able to integrate strong controls framework with your existing ERP system to ensure legal compliance at most optimal compliance cost.

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