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Clients and Consulting companies today constantly encounter the need for resources to augment there existing team. Staff Augmentation today in no more a mere ‘Body Shopping’ business. All organizations today are looking for right fit between Job requirements and Staff skill sets to ensure continuity and stable execution teams. It is a known fact that attrition rates in the IT industries are highest and in some countries attrition curve seems climbing different heights for ever.

Right sized team at right time is the key to control costs and deliver within budgets. Even most advanced companies face constant challenge of retaining there talent bank.

Highly skilled SAP consultants and project managers are in high demand and hard to find. Through our extensive network of highly experienced consultants, we are able to provide customers with the most qualified SAP resources across the gamut of SAP skillsets to help augment internal support and project teams. Our experience and reputation in the industry enables us to attract the best talent. In situations that require unique or rare skills we know where to find exactly the right specialist consultant and/or partner for your project.

In order to ease the frustrations of hiring staff or the lengthy interviewing and hiring process many seek to augment their in-house skills with external SAP  talent who can work under their direction and guidance. Our team of experts can augment your current SAP staff on a one-time project basis or regular full-time support. Our resources can work with you on-site or remote

Our first priority is quality assurance and control. We understand the importance of delivering top quality and leveraging the most experienced resources. We maintain a rigorous recruitment process and screen all of our applicants, not only for their technical and business skills, but for soft skills related to working with others. We know that strong facilitation skills, clear communication, collaboration and adaptability are essential to ensuring swift integration into new project environments and client culture and interacting positively with all stakeholders.

We have matured tools and frame works to Develop consultants skills and manage there lifecycle. Clearly carved out career paths and target counselling, matured rotation and varied experience frameworks, technical and knowledge backup and support, allows us to filter and retain best of the resources.

FuGenTex is specialized in delivering quality- certified SAP specialist staffing to all types of organization worldwide. FuGenTex enjoys special relationship with most major management consultancies, SAP partners, hardware manufacturers and end-users of SAP. Our solid relationship with the major SAP users means that you can be assured of finding roles appropriate to your skill and experience. In many cases, the company is the first to hear about new SAP implementations and their resource requirements, or new recruitment drives at the foremost users of SAP.

Nowadays, Outsourcing is a proven strategic way to reduce and control operating costs, improve company focus and gain access to world-class IT processes. FuGenTex welcomes you to the home of top-rated SAP experts. As a group of certified consultants, our company is geared towards streamlining your business by outsourcing and manpower consulting.

FuGenTex saves client’s money and stays attentive to their unique business needs through flexible delivery and resource management. We strive to reduce labour costs while maintaining high quality standards.

In short you can expect following benefits by engaging us:

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