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Testing Center of Excellence

Organizations today are facing challenges from both ends. At one end the pressure to maintain high sustainable growth and on the other hand survive  neck and neck competition. This is resulting into shift of pressure on IT departments as well. This has led to demand of developing / enhancing applications on the faster pace and also at reduced cost. These pressures have today led to numerous IT challenges today such as shorter development and delivery timelines, Globally distributed Teams, Limited resource and expertize availability etc. To over come such challenges organizations today prefer to set up a Center of Exellence (CoE). As a part of organizational transformation, testing is moving today from development and business team to centralized testing teams. CoE team acts as a common central pool of resources offering testing to different ongoing projects. This helps reduce cost as well as maintain quality in execution and delivery.

We help organization’s set up Testing CoE. Our methodology is based on matured tools and frameworks which work to achieve following goals:

Inorder to achieve operational efficiency, reduce cost, gain control, and minimize organizational impact we following three phased approach:

TCoE Initiation:

TCoE Transformation

TCoE Optimization

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